The Advantages of Wearing Slippers – Slippers Comfort Level

It is common to protect your feet while being outdoors. However, wearing slippers at home is also a necessity to protect yourself from discomfort. It helps you protect from various unseen germs present on the floor, doesn’t matter whether you wear closed slippers or open-heel slippers, sandal slippers or slipper boots. These lightweight and comfortable footwear keep your feet protected and clean from dust and other germs over the floor.

Here we have jotted down a list of reasons and advantages, you should keep wearing slippers.

Why Should You Wear Slippers?


Maintains House Cleanliness

No matter how many chemicals and products you use to wipe your floor clean and shining, there are lots of dirt and impurities that walk in with the shoes from outside. You don’t know what your shoes pick up from all the places you visit; thus, you can’t stop germs from sticking to the floor completely. Studies show that your shoes can be far dirtier than a toilet seat.

Switching into your house slippers and keeping your shoes off at the door is the key to a clean home. With most germs staying put at the doorstep, you provide yourself and your family with a health benefit. What’s better than having a clean, happy family, right?

Improves Emotional & Mental Health

Many people don’t notice this, but we stress upon it as much as all the other benefits of wearing slippers. Spending most of the day in work hours means continuous workload, stress, and frustration. If your work requires long-term standing, that certainly adds up to tiredness as well. This is where the house slippers kick in. After a long hectic day, when you smooth your feet into cozy and comfortable slippers, it significantly improves your mental health as the dopamine releases in high quantities, ensuring that you feel pleasure and relaxed. This ultimately results in improving your moods and negative emotions.

Decreases the Risk of Cold and Flu Occurrence Substantially

With your feet always covered, you substantially decrease the risk of cold, flu, and combat other infectious bacteria. The air brings in tiny dust particles and other bacteria that settle down in different parts of the home, which can affect your health in a number of ways. Wearing slippers around home prevent them from attacking you and reduces the risk of getting sick.

In fact, the chilling of feet directly relates to your nostril’s blood vessels constriction that limits the white cells to fight against the virus. Therefore, it’s essential to keep on slippers at home.

Results in Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that a relaxed individual is a productive individual. This clearly means that when a person is in a relaxed state of mind, they tend to offer more to the cause they are contributing to, and nothing is offering you more relaxation in terms of wearable than a pair of plush, comfy pair of slippers.

If you’re one of those hardworking employees who want to be a significant family member as well, you need to get yourself a pair quickly. This not only adds to your comfort but makes you more productive in carrying out household chores and taking out the crash. (Yeah. That’s your job too.)

Protects You from Household Accidents

Unless you live on a carpeted floor (or maybe sand), all your surfaces are slippery, especially if you’re wearing socks. Nobody likes to have dents and bumps on their skin. Many house slippers come with good traction that considerably reduces the risk of tripping or crashing into an antique when you’re on your way to open a door in a hurry or answering a phone call.

What to Look Out For When Getting House Slippers?

Nobody likes to spend a fortune on something that doesn’t serve its purpose, right? We also walk you through a guideline to help you look for your house slippers’ best qualities.


Flexibility and Breathability

When you look for house slippers, you need to make sure that you don’t feel restricted. The idea is to help you relax. Always look for slippers that allow you to flex easily and is made of a breathable material ensuring that your feet don’t sweat and make you feel uncomfortable.

Lining and Insole

Like we said, productivity relies on relaxation and comfort. If your house slippers come with a lining that doesn’t feel soft against your skin, it’s going to irritate you, and no one is going to get any benefit out of that.

It’s also necessary that your slippers integrate convenient padding in the footbed or comes with a foamy insole that prevents you from striking pain in the heel of the foot over time. An ergonomically shaped pair of slippers with a comfortable and cushioned insole is the most significant gift you can give to yourself. This keeps your feet fresh and relaxed at all times and doesn’t restrain you from any for a prolonged period.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is a must-to-have quality for climatic changes. If you live in a cold area or have cold seasons and floors, your slippers must come with some form of insulation to prevent you from the cold getting to you because the quickest you get sick is from your feet getting cold. Hence, keeping the cold at bay, the warmth of your slipper must be ranked top as a priority. Materials like microfleece, faux fur, and wool ensure warmth for extended periods, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Perfect Fitting with Ease of Wearing

Having a perfect fit is essential regardless of what it is for. But when it comes to footwear, you need to be extra cautious. A perfect fit provides you the ease of wearing in every circumstance. It’s easy to slip on and off and doesn’t cause your feet too sore or swell on wearing.


All in all, as much as it is essential to keep yourself covered outdoor, you should be considering protection for indoor terms as well because what comes around from the external can have a significant effect on internal. We should make attempts to ensure our cleanliness for the sake of our families. A clean family is a happy family!

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