11 Easy DIY Tips on How to Make Shoes Non Slip

To reduce the cost and repetition of injuries caused by falling and slipping, you have to wear non-slip shoes.

Now, many other workers such as nurses, restaurant workers, and technicians, need to wear non-slip shoes.

So, if you work on wet or smooth surfaces, it is essential to wear non-slip shoes or footwear.

In case you don’t have any non-slip shoes, there are many ways you can make your slippery shoe non-slippery.

Here are some useful tips about how to make shoes slip-resistant and avoid injuries and any kind of embarrassment:

#1. Scuff the Sole of Your Shoes


Scuffing the sole of your shoes has proved to be quite useful to improve your shoes’ traction. Providing traction to your shoes helps to make them slip-resistant instantly.

To scuff your shoes for better traction and grip, scrape them against abrasive surfaces such as gravel and rough concrete. It helps you keep from slipping very quickly.

If you have got new shoes, then they are primarily slippery because of their perfectly smooth surface.

You need to wear it down more often before you scrape to increase its slip-resistance ability.

#2. Use Sandpaper to Wear Down the Soles

Use Sandpaper to Wear Down the Soles

Using sandpaper to make your shoe slip-resistant is one of the most efficient tips.

More importantly, this tip comes in handy when there isn’t any rough surface available for you to scuff your shoes.

All you need to do is, find sandpaper and rub the smoothest areas of your soles. It is better to rub sandpaper on areas that come in contact with the surface.

Keep rubbing the sandpaper on the soles unless the parts show a rough surface or feel. Preferably use fairly coarse sandpaper to get immediate results.

However, you must remember that this tip is not suitable for all shoes.

It is not suitable for natural or cardboard-like soles you find in sandals or flats. So make sure that you are using this tip on the right or suitable kind of shoes.

#3. Adhesive Bandages

Image: Glamrs

Sticking adhesive bandages to your soles is another one of the great ideas to make slip-resistant shoes. This tip has proved to be super helpful. Specifically, if you work in a place where there are more chances for you to fall or trip over.

All you need to do is stick two adhesive bandages to the anterior part of the soles of your shoes.

Remember to stick the bandages to the heel of your shoe as well to achieve a better grip. This tip works as a quick-fix to your slippery shoe problems if you are running out of time. It is a real, time, and life-saver tip.

Moreover, this tip is also super convenient as adhesive bandages are easily accessible and affordable.

#4. Use a Nail File or a Grip Pad


This tip is very similar to the one with the sandpaper. You can use a nail-file in the same way you used the sandpaper. Simply use the nail-file to scuff the smooth and flat surface of the shoe or the soles.

Scuff those parts specifically that constantly come in contact with the surface of the floor. It would be better to use a metal nail file that coarser than your regular nail-file. These coarse nail files are more efficient and effective in making your shoe slip-resistant.

Furthermore, you may also use an emery board to help make your shoe slip-resistant.

You may also use shoe grip pads, especially if you have shoes that are already worn out. Just put the textured grip pads on the soles of your shoes.

Remember to get good quality grip pads so your shoes do not end up feeling sticky.

Buying and using high-quality grip pads is also easier and effective because they are both affordable and easily accessible.

#5. Use a Hairspray or Anti Slip Spray to Make your Shoe Slip-Resistant

Use a Hairspray
Image: Glamrs

Another one of the quick solutions to your slippery shoes is the use of an Anti Slip Spray. It acts as a great substitute for adhesive pads.

As there are different spray pads suitable for different shoes, make sure to get the one suitable for your shoes.

You can also use hairspray as it is super effective in making your shoe slip-resistant. It’s also very simple to use.

All you have to do is spray a good amount of hairspray on the soles of your shoes.

Let it sit for one minute before you wear them outdoors or in the workplace. It’s not a permanent solution.

However, it acts as a quick-fix if you are late and have run out of ideas to fix your problem.

#6. Puff Paint

Puff Paint
Image: Glamrs

Another one of the most effective ways to make slip-resistant shoes is the use of puff paint. Puff paint is the paint for kids’ use in arts and crafts. Also, it is super simple to use.

People use this tip commonly because it gives a rather rough surface once the paint dries out.

Puff paint produces a rough and textured surface for your shoes and makes them efficiently less slippery.

Simply apply a thin layer of paint to the sole of your shoe and set it aside to dry completely.

Once it dries out, you can walk in your shoes easily. One of the biggest benefits of this tip is that it lasts longer than hairspray.

The only setbacks are that it doesn’t stay on permanently and needs re-application so you can get the best results.

#7. Add an Ankle Strap to your Shoe

Add an Ankle Strap to your Shoe

There are many tips on how to make slip-resistant shoes. One of the many tips is to add an ankle strap to your shoe. All you need to do is get yourself an ankle-strap and attach it to your shoe easily.

An ankle strap helps to maintain your balance and provides extra grip. This reduces the chances or risks of falling or tripping over anywhere you are.

This tip doesn’t cost much. It is easily affordable and accessible. You must try to utilize this quite helpful tip to walk comfortably.

#8. Attach an Anti Slip Sole


Attaching an Anti Slip sole is one of the most reliable solutions to your slippery shoes. It is easy to use and also long-lasting.

Simply attach to the outer part of your sole. With this tip, you can finally wear your shoes and move around comfortably.

It ensures anti-slip sole qualities of shoes for a longer period and keeps you safe from slipping or tripping over. This tip prevents your shoes from skidding and wearing out too soon. It also keeps it in excellent condition for many years.

An anti-slip sole not only saves you from falling, but it also saves you a lot of money. It is easily affordable and offers better safety than its price suggests.

#9. Use Masking Tape or a Mixture of Glue and Salt


Masking Anti-slip tape gives you a quick solution to increase the traction of your shoe and is super easy to use. Simply put a few rolls of masking tape on the soles of your shoe, forming an X.

Apply the masking tape on the flattest and widest areas of the shoe to get the best results.

Additionally, you can use a rubber glue and salt solution to make slip-resistant shoes. It gives your shoe a grainy texture. Just apply the solution to the bottom of your shoes.

Let it sit for a few minutes.

When they are dried, you can wear them outdoors or in the workplace. It will give you improved traction and grip of your shoes and prevent them from sliding around.

#10. Score Your Soles


Another cheap and easy trick to help you with slippery shoes is to score your soles. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be destroying your shoes.

All you require for this tip is a knife, razor blade, or any kind of sharp object. Here is how you can make it happen:

Turn and hold the shoe upside down.

Use the sharp object to draw diagonal lines over it.

Now, cut the diagonal lines with lines in the opposite direction.

Presto! You have yourself a trendy design on your sole that, additionally, helps to make your shoe slip-resistant.

You can also get creative with the design you make on your soles. Also, this tip is super simple.

#11. Add an Insole

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Sometimes, it is hard for you to find balance or stability within your shoes, regardless of their type. Whether you wear sneakers, heels, or even casual footwear.

Finding balance becomes hard sometimes because everyone’s foot is different. Some people have flat feet and some have high arches.

Even though the shoes you buy are supposed to be universal or have a size for everyone, it is not possible that one kind of shoe can fit a lot of people.

Therefore, to overcome this difficulty with finding balance, you can always add an insole that is suitable for your foot. Insoles not only help with balance but they also provide great arch support.

Furthermore, insoles that are suitable for your foot also help relieve back pain.

These were a few ways to make shoes slip-resistant. However, there’s more.

Why Do You Need Slip-Resistant Shoes?


There is quite a long list of reasons why slip-resistant shoes are necessary for people. The most common reason is that wearing non-slip shoes increases your safety.

You must note that one of the most common reasons behind injuries is falling, tripping, or slipping. You can avoid any kind of injury if you follow the right precautions.

One of these precautions is wearing safe, non-slipping shoes or boots at your workplace.

Moreover, uncomfortable shoes can also increase your chances of falling over. Non-slipe shoes are specially designed for your comfort and help keep your feet healthy.

Eventually, when you are sure that the shoes you wear are comfortable and safe, you will feel motivated to work.

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Does the Quality of Slip-Resistant Shoes Matter?

Wearing a pair of shoes that are poor in quality and make it hard for you to walk, will ultimately affect your performance. It will become harder for you to attend to your daily responsibilities, chores, or errands that you may need to complete.

Moreover, it is always better to wear non-slip. If you want to get your hands on the best quality shoes, just make sure that the shoes have these qualities:

  • A distinctive rubber sole designed to counter wet or greasy surfaces
  • A sole with a tread design to help drain the liquid out from your feet.

All of these qualities and details allow your shoes to have more traction and ensure your safety at all times, on any kind of floor. Make sure to look for shoes suitable for the environment you work within.


If your job, workplace, or daily routine involves rushed walking, you need to prioritize your safety. It is useless to waste time, money, or effort due to an injury that might also cost you your job.

Try to follow and apply the precautionary measures and look out for slippery surfaces. Make sure to wear non-slip shoes to avoid any accident.

Even if you don’t have these shoes, you are perfectly aware of how to make slip-resistant shoes. You can even find a quick fix for your slippery shoe problem.

Lastly, wear slip-resistant shoes and save yourself from any kind of injuries later.

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