How to Stretch Suede Shoes Wider

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people who have issues with shoes. More specifically, finding the right shoe size. We understand where you come from. You’re someone whose shoes either fit too tight or they are not-so-tight size.

But that shouldn’t be a worry for you anymore. If you stick through with us and absorb the amazing knowledge we’re going to be delivering here to you.

Feeling interested enough? Well, it’s all gonna be worth it.

Suede Shoe at Your Service

Suede shoes are made for your precious feet in order to provide you with the utmost level of comfort. They provide a fitting that you can’t complain about ever again. But it’s not just about the size and fitting that attracts you, is it?

We live in a world of fashion and it would be crazy enough to voluntarily not keep up with it. Suede shoes are not all about perfect fitting.

They come in a trendy and fashionable style that turns heads and makes people notice the ‘walk of the street’!

But it’s disappointing when you find the perfect shoes for you and they just don’t fit. Suede shoes save you the trouble of tight shoes.

They have a memory stretch which allows you to fit your shoes in them perfectly but if you find it tight to some point, that’s where suede shoes are a show stopper! They are made of animal skins like sheep, cows, pigs, and a few more.

Suede Has Stretchability At Its Best

Now, we’re not zoologists but we can observe how when an animal grows and is well fed, their skin stretches and their body adjusts to it. The same mechanism works on suede shoes as well.

When you feel like your shoes fit too tight, give your suede shoes a few more wears and you’ll notice how your shoes befit your feet perfectly. That happens because the material used in suede shoes is the same as animal skin and spreads flexibly around your feet, providing you with excessive comfort and ease around your feet.

However, that’s not the only way you can stretch your suede shoes and make them fit you perfectly.

We have jotted down a number of ways on how to stretch suede shoes to help you fit them better without compromising on their quality at all.

Best Ways to Stretch Suede Shoes

Method 1

Stretching shoes using Socks

Stretching shoes using Socks

Who doesn’t own a pair of socks? The easiest way to stretch suede shoes is basically to put on a pair of socks and push your feet into them.

When you wear socks, the length and width of your feet increase significantly. This allows the suede shoes to realign and readjust accordingly to your new feet length.

So when you free your feet from the socks and wear the shoes, you’ll notice how they are more fitting now than before.

Socks are an excellent quick solution when you want to stretch your shoes. However, what’s necessary is to wear socks thick enough that would allow your shoes to stretch out but not strain your feet.

Make sure you consider the following things prior to wearing thick socks:

  • It doesn’t cut off your blood flow to your feet
  • It doesn’t make your feet hurt further and cause a sprain
  • The tightness of the shoes doesn’t end up curling your fingers

All you have to do is wear socks and put on your suede shoes at home and walk around.

Few hours in, analyze if you’ve reached your desired level of comfortability. In case the shoes haven’t been stretched out enough, give this process a few more whirls till you reach your best fitting.

There’s another benefit of using socks when you’re learning to stretch suede shoes. It’s a safer option to use socks instead of stretching spray or stretcher because it does not affect the wearability and durability of your shoes.

Method 2

Using Stretch Spray

Stretch Spray

If you wish to make permanent changes to your shoes’ length and stretchiness, going with stretch spray probably might be your choice for shoe expansion. Stretch sprays contain chemicals that have a significant effect on your shoes, that is they can change the structure of your shoes to give you a good fitting.

However, you need to be careful about the fact that stretch sprays are manufactured as per the material of shoes. You can’t use a leather stretch spray on suede shoes and expect it to give you insane flexibility, right?

You can use the spray on either the interior or exterior of the shoe based on the instruction manual.

Some brands design sprays to apply internally in order to have a legitimate effect without affecting the quality of your shoes.

To use the stretch spray, you simply have to apply the spray as per the instructions of the brand and put on a pair of thick socks, and start moving around. The purpose of putting on a thick pair of socks is to put the spray in effect.

The stretch spray requires you to constantly move your feet and fingers around in order to show progressive betterment. If you can’t walk around, it’s okay to practice that while sitting in front of your TV too.

What you must continue to do is move your feet constantly and you’ll start to feel your feet starting to become more flexible in your suede shoes.

In case that doesn’t happen within thirty minutes, give your shoes another inch of stretch spray and repeat the process. Continue doing this till you reach your desired level of comfort.

Using a stretch spray is a great permanent solution to help your shoes loosen up and allow you to wear them comfortably.

Method 3

Put shoes into Freezer

shoes in Freezer

Sounds chilly, doesn’t it? But yes! This actually works. If you’re worried about damaging the quality of your amazing suede shoes and freezing is the less-damaging process you need.

However, you need to know that some materials are very much prone to shrinking when drenched in water.

One effective way to stretch the shoes with water requires you to understand a little bit of chemistry. When the water reaches its freezing point, it starts expanding rather than contracting as usual temperature dropping.

This allows the water to expand the body of whatever material it is enclosed.

To use this process for expanding suede shoes, place bags of water at the sole of your shoe, and put your shoes in the freezer. As the water bag freezes, it expands the body and becomes frozen there. This stretches the shoe from the interior and allows your suede shoes to maintain the adjustment.

Let your shoes be in that state for 24 hours before you wear them.

It’s possible you might not have reached the desired level of comfort yet. In such cases, put your shoes back in the freezer with water bags at the sole till you reach the desired comfort.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to put your shoes in a plastic bag as well. For sanitation purposes, you know. Nobody wants their freezer to smell like shoes, especially with food stored in there!

Method 4

Blow The Hot Air In Your Shoes!


If you can’t afford stretch spray, how about using a great article at home? The hot air from the hairdryer can be used to stretch your suede shoes as well!

We know that heat has the capability to expand many things. There’s no doubt suede shoes can be expanded using hot air from hairdryers too.

The suede material is very prone to be affected by excessive heat and ends up forming cracks and discoloration of the article.

While using hot air from a hairdryer can be used effectively, it can also affect the suede shoes badly if not done under proper supervision.

To ensure that you don’t go overboard, we will walk you through the whole process of using a hairdryer to stretch suede shoes.

  1. Put on a pair or two of thick socks and insert your feet in the shoes.
  2. Turn on your blow dryer and heat your shoes directly with the nozzle point at the shoes. Make sure that the blow dryer is 6 inches away from the shoes.
  3. Keep moving the nozzle rapidly around all parts of the shoes to uniformly heat the shoes from every side.
  4. Turn off the hairdryer after 30 seconds to examine the shoe.
  5. Repeat the process till you reach your desired level of stretch.
  6. In case you feel like the suede shoe’s leather is drying or cracking, stop the procedure immediately and use a leather conditioner on the suede.

Using hot air to stretch your suede shoes can be highly effective. But it lasts as long as two weeks before it reverts back to its original size. It reverts even faster to its original size if you wear them in cold weather.

What You Need To Consider

One thing that you need to be very careful about is the fact that you use a high-quality plastic bag when you store water at the sole of your suede shoes.

In case the water bag bursts and leaks out water, it can significantly affect your shoes’ structure and stretch out of uniformity. It can also discolor your shoes or cause blemishing in an unsightly way.

Nobody wishes to have their suede shoes looking like camo shoes, do they? So ensure that you are taking the right measures for it in advance.

Many people don’t have hours free to actively monitor how their shoes are stretching or having the effect they want. The freezing method should be their choice to go with. All that’s needed is a good quality plastic bag to fill water in it, put them on your sole, and freeze the life out of them!

Shoe Stretcher Takes Away All The Pain

Want to be more mechanical? Get your hands on a shoe stretcher! A shoe stretcher is designed specifically allowing you to independently expand the material and length and width of your shoes accordingly.

Using a shoe stretcher does not require some expert skills. All you need to know is how to really operate it.

A shoe stretcher doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all category. It comes in categories like boots, sneakers, joggers, and high heels too.

Before you get your hands on one, make sure that you buy the right pair for the suede shoes. What’s the point of spending money on something that wouldn’t even come in handy?

Shoe stretchers can vary in their ability to facilitate as well. Some may widen your shoe but not alter the length while may do vice versa.

Therefore, make sure that you get the appropriate article depending on your requirements.

To use a shoe stretcher, all you need to do is insert the shoe stretcher in the shoe and use the manual crank to widen it. A shoe stretcher does not do a permanent change to your shoes. It lasts about 24 to 48 hours.

Therefore, if you need to wear the shoes for an occasion, it’s always a good practice to be ahead of time and put in the shoe stretcher overnight to avoid any rush at shoe stretching at the last moments.

Make sure it’s done under supervision. Otherwise, you may stretch it out too much and end up ripping the shoes.

Ending Thoughts

There’s no doubt suede shoes offer you the best functionality when it comes to wearability and style. But they don’t always fit you.

We have provided you with a very helpful guideline if you’re one of the victims of being out of a size or tight-fitting of suede shoes which are surely going to help you.

We have given a detailed walkthrough with a permanent and temporary alternative to stretch your suede shoes.

However, there are things you need to consider when practicing these methods. Sometimes, work shoes or any other shoes might have a thick sole that is very sturdy when it comes to using these methods to stretch it.

It’s likely to get in your way when you try to stretch your shoes. It’s always good if you take precautionary measures and show it to a professional footwear expert before you get all artsy with your suede shoes!

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