What Color Socks to Wear with Brown Shoes

When planning to wear brown shoes, whether for the workplace, formal event or as a daily routine. You might think that any color socks will do. Unfortunately, you would be wrong to think that!

There are a couple of dress rules that you must follow when wearing brown shoes, even though these shoes are easy to pair with any piece of clothing.

Therefore, here is a list of ways to help you understand what color socks with brown shoes will look good.

Socks Must Match Your Pants


One of the many common dress rules followed for centuries is to match the color of your socks with your pants. Men usually religiously follow this rule however, in some cases women as well.

As a result of matching your socks with your pants, the cuffs of your pants will blend with your socks as you sit or stretch your legs.

However, if this technique seems to fail, you can always follow other rules as a backup. For instance, what would you prefer to wear with khaki pants?

Not many people own khaki socks to pair with khaki pants. Too many shades of tan and brown are just too unpleasant.

Instead of matching your socks to your pants, choose a color and pattern that goes well with your pants. Preferably sage green socks pair pretty well with khaki pants and brown shoes.

Everything Wrong with White Socks


Wearing white socks with dress shoes and slacks is never a good idea. There are other clothing articles such as shorts, jeans, or any casual outfits that you can pair with white socks.

Thereby, white socks go well when you are going to the gym or about to do any physical activity.

White socks pair well with these pieces of clothing whether you wear brown shoes or not. Do yourself a favor and avoid wearing white socks to work or any formal events.

Even if you think that the socks may not show, it would still be better to avoid white socks for formal events as they give off more playful vibes.

Socks with Patterns


Patterned socks go adequately fine with solid-colored pants and slacks so wearing them is a good choice. Patterned socks tend to combine your outfit with your brown shoes perfectly, adding a flash of flair too.

Even though patterned socks improve the combination of brown shoes with almost any colored pants. But still, choose a pair of socks that is not too colorful or flashy for the events you are heading towards.

If you have a hard time deciding what pattern or color works for your workplace, here is an easy way to figure it out. For example, just think that if the design was on a tie, would you wear it to work?

Your answer about the socks that they are probably okay for your workplace or not. This is your answer. Thus, decide accordingly.

Patterns such as Pinstripes, Argyle, Ribbing, Diamonds, or Dots are suitable for you to wear to work.  Also, it is always appropriate to consider where you are heading before deciding the type of patterned socks you’ll be wearing.

Sock Shades


When you are choosing socks to wear with your brown shoes, remember to choose socks that match the color of your pants or slacks exactly.

Avoid getting socks that are one or two shades off than the shade of your pants. It is way better to wear socks that are of a completely different color.

Remember what color socks with brown shoes pair well.

Additionally, remember that brown socks do not blend in with brown shoes. That is only the case with black shoes and socks.

In case you want to wear brown socks with brown shoes, ensure that the color of the shade of the socks is obviously different than the shoes.

Else, socks should of a complimentary color.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are all about combinations and contrasts. As brown shoes go nicely with various colors. Other colors such as Blue and Navy also contrast very well with brown socks.

You can contrast your socks with many other articles of clothing you are wearing. You can contrast your socks with your tie, vest, shirt or any other accessory like a purse.

Furthermore, if you have seen a color wheel, you may have a better understanding of what ‘complimenting’ is. You can try combining different colors to achieve an eye-catching combo for your outfit.

When working with a color wheel, you can do whatever you want as you don’t need to be careful about bold hues. You can choose a variety of combinations you like.

So, now you know which color socks with brown shoes look good. However, their other aspects of socks you need to be careful about are still remaining.

Length of Socks


It may sound like a bit of a shock to you but the length of your socks plays a pretty important part in making your footwear appropriate for an occasion.

It may be hard to decide what color socks with brown shoes pair well but it definitely is fairly easy to consider the right length of socks.

The ideal length for the workplace is over-the-calf or mid-calf socks. Conversely, pantyhose, or thigh-high hose are perfect for work. But make sure to pair them with a cute skirt.

Moreover, the desired sock length for formal events can be a little open to interpretation. Specifically, if you are headed to a party where you can show off your style.

On the other hand, men are not usually fans of no-show or ankle socks with dress shoes, but it has become a trend for these socks to be socially acceptable.

Lastly, stick with low socks if you are going on a vacation, casual outing, or just the gym. Lately, no-show socks have been highly preferred by women with casual outfits.

White ankle-height socks are suitable for any casual outing and are highly preferred by men.

Don’t Hesitate to Add a Little Color

Nevertheless, colors like blue, navy, or black have been the most common colors to be paired with your outfit but that does not restrict you from adding more colors to your wardrobe.

Obviously, it depends on the dress rules at your workplace but there are many ways you can make colorful socks look professional.

Socks are also one of the best ways to express your artistic side through different colors. They are much more inexpensive and can be paired with almost any outfit.

If you choose the right pair of socks to pair with your outfit, you can definitely use them as an accessory to add a little noise to the outfit without spending a lot of money.

Upgrading your sock collection for your wardrobe can help you refresh or upgrade your outfits too. There are many other reasons why you should definitely update the socks in your wardrobe.

Here’s how you can upgrade your socks:

  • Change the coziness of the socks according to the season.
  • Match your colors to your mood to describe it perfectly.
  • Planning or choosing your socks according to a holiday pattern
  • Exploring colors and forming your own style.
  • There are even more ways you can upgrade your whole wardrobe by just upgrading your socks.

Does Sock Material Make a Difference?

Image: meetsocks

The material of your socks, believe it or not, needs to be considered according to the situation or event you are wearing them for.

For instance, socks made out of cashmere or thin silk are highly meant for a formal event or the workplace. These socks are not suitable for any other occasion.

Similarly, wearing white cotton socks for the workplace seems very out-of-place and bright. So, you need to understand when and where to wear a certain pair of socks as it is also a critical skill to have.

This skill is an important one to possess as it helps you to match your socks with your brown shoes properly. Additionally, this skill also helps you ensure you are appropriately dressed for wherever you are headed.

Certain sock materials are not suitable for the wintertime such as thin, formal socks.

When is it Suitable to Wear Colorful Socks?


Before you decide what color to wear with your brown shoes, you must know where you are going with your outfit.

For instance, if you are visiting a business party with important clients, you need to be careful with the color of your socks.

However, if you are visiting a light-hearted business party, then there’s no harm in going a little crazy with your sock choices.

Sometimes, it might become hard to decide whether you should wear colorful socks or not, it is way better to know when you want to wear them.

Sometimes, all you need to make your outfit look a bit more lively is to add a pair of colorful or patterned socks to level it up a little.

If you are going to a place where you may need to take your shoes off for a longer period, it is definitely a great chance to show off your colorful socks.

Furthermore, you can definitely show off some colorful shoes when you want to color coordinate.

However, keep in mind not to co-ordinate the patterns which can seem a little stuffy.

Matching Brown Shoes with Other Pieces of Clothing

Your socks aren’t the only piece of clothing you need to match your brown shoes with, you need to match them with other pieces of your clothing too.

Brown shoes are very versatile but they do not go well with every outfit.

The great thing about brown shoes is that they can be dressed up and dressed down. There are many tips that can help you match your brown shoes with the rest of your outfit.

Firstly, if you are not sure of what socks you should wear, pick a pair of two-toned socks that match your socks as well as your shoes. However, be cautious of certain color combinations.

Such as choosing black and brown socks that are too bright can ruin your look.

Secondly, wearing a belt of the same shade as your shoes also does the trick. Even if it looks odd in the beginning, it will combine your outfit perfectly. If you feel a little playful you can always add a bolo necktie to really tie things together.

Secrets to Wear Brown Shoes

At many events, you are expected to show up all dressed in black. Even black shoes. For instance, people expect interviewees to show up in all-black. In this case, if you show up wearing brown shoes, it may affect their view of your personality in a positive way.

Being aware of the events were wearing a certain color would be appropriate, is again a critical skill to possess. This skill is developed through situational awareness and context.

There are a few events where you must stick to wear black dress shoes as a natural rule. These events include funerals, weddings, black and white tie events, and white-collar jobs.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of situations where you could wear brown shoes too? Well, there is!

Brown shoes work great for outdoor events and activities. They also pair well with smartly tailored jeans, preferably a darker shade.

The most important quality of brown shoes is that it gives you great confidence to be expressive with your outfits. If you can pull off a smart look with brown shoes, then keep wearing and showing them off!


In light of all this information, it is clear that styling brown shoes with socks can be a bit hard, specifically if it is your first time.

However, once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple to pair brown shoes with the right kind of socks.

You can even get creative with them and form all kinds of smart and fun looks without making them seem odd.

Moreover, there a few set of dress rules that you will have to follow but with the right confidence and situation, you’ll be rocking them instantly.

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